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TRUE CRIME: How online teen love turned into a quadruple homicide

Episode Summary

Internet Safety Podcast: In 2008, Emma, a 16yo girl from Virginia goes online and meets a 20yo man (Scott) from California. They bond (virtually) over their love for horrorcore music. Their romance blossoms publicly on message boards and among their shared fan community. Seven months into their online-only relationship, the girl decides to ask her best friend - an 18 yo named Mel from West Virginia to travel with her, and her parents (Deborah and Mark) to a horrorcore concert in Detroit. The road trip adventure for the two girls, and two parents, would also include Scott - flying in from California, anxious to meet his girlfriend for the first time in real-life. When they meet, Scott is nothing like the person Emma imagined. Scott does not take the rejection well. A few days after the concert, police would discover four bodies and one of the most gruesome murder scenes in Virginia history. ** Big Mama’s House Podcast is written and hosted by Jesse Weinberger – Internet Safety speaker, Internet Safety Podcast host, and writer. This parenting podcast covers digital parenting issues including: cyberbullying, sexting, sexual predators, gaming & tech addiction, and is a perfect resources for parents, schools, and law enforcement audiences. Episodes vary and include: specific app guidance, digital true crime stories, interviews, book reviews, and much more. To learn more go to

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